She took a dozen countries with the Hanfu, with only 1 photo, conquered the world

Some time ago, she was swept up by a picture.
Not only because of its stunning
but also because the author perfectly
The combination of Chinese hanfu dress and scenery.
The picture was taken in Thailand, so the largest website in Thailand also reprinted it, and netizens sighed: the Chinese hanfu is so beautiful!

The author of this set of photos is called Dang Hour, a Sichuan girl who spends most of her time wandering in Beijing.
Like many people, she has been shooting some "commercial works" before in order to make a living. But because of the "national style" is very partial to, private will also occasionally shoot some ancient style works.
At first, she did these works just because she liked the old-fashioned look, but all the changes started with an "invitation". A friend was getting married and invited her to Nepal to take wedding photos.
When she thought about it, she proposed to her friend the idea of taking photos with the theme of "Hanfu".
Originally, I just wanted to take a meaningful wedding photo for my friend, but I didn't expect the photo to explode on the internet once it came out.
Looking at the constant stream of praise for Hanfu on the internet, I realized the charm of the original culture was so great when the hour came.
It was this "accidental" photo shoot that gave her a new perception of the power of culture. So she launched the activity of "follow the Hanfu to travel" on the internet, and she didn't expect a hundred responses, even the "star girl" Xu Jiao also actively participated in it.
The top of the northern border, the realm of ice and fire. Execute a white dress, red refinement like a veil into the ice knife wilderness, the night of Iceland, such as snow white, such as a long dream. (from when the hour)
In fact, becoming a photographer is quite unbelievable for Dang Xiaoshi. Her major in college was painting, but she started to get into photography because she was curious in the year she was about to graduate, and never thought she would become a photographer.
When the Chinese costume, music and American passion come together, a different kind of spark is created. It is very nice to follow the music, dance with the wind and flutter the clothes.
Now, whenever ancient style photography is mentioned, many people's minds think of when the hours. Although in the photography world has its own "place", but she does not dare to slow down at all.
Learning, traveling, taking pictures all the time.
In order to make her photos more attractive, she also went to a special course on ancient costumes, including ancient makeup.
Vegetarian transformation of ancient costumes
It's not easy for a person to succeed, but what's even harder is to keep the original intention after success.
The "Travel with Hanfu" campaign was launched in 2014, and to this day, Dangdanghu is still working on it.

Encountering a red dress in Horseshoe Bay, looking into the distance, it is empty and silent ......
After shooting all over the foreign countries, many photos are amazing. But nothing is more stunning than the combination of Chinese and Chinese costumes.
Wouldn't it be one of life's great pleasures to drink wine and enjoy the lights in Hong Yadong!
On the shores of Lugu Lake, waiting for one person to return.
As the saying goes: "Wearing my Chinese clothes, I am a nation of manners".
It is said that Chinese clothing is like wind, casual and dashing without losing its graceful posture. The ancient people transformed this posture into the gorgeous colors and varied makeup on their clothes, and this power of tolerance and self-confidence is the most touching.
The "Travel with Hanfu" campaign continues, and more and more people are beginning to perceive the charm of this culture.
"It is so powerful that when you stand there, you can feel your generosity and grace without too many words of praise from others. Because the clothes on your body are the posture of your heart."
Not only for the Hanfu, but also for many other traditional Chinese Hanfu cultures, I hope they can live in the present, bloom in the future, continue to flow and bring excitement.