The great charm of Hanfu is analyzed by the following points

The great charm of Hanfu is analyzed by the following points. One is the convenience of hanfu, which is more of a long coat and robe than the current clothing that people think is a long coat and robe. Hanfu has a very obvious gap compared to other Chinese clothing, such as Chinese cheongsam and Tang suit, where the cuffs of hanbok are wide and wide, almost a piece of cloth, which is worn directly to people's bodies after the improvement of hanfu, saving the pain of making tedious ones.

At that time, people would think that it was very rude to wear clothes that showed pants, so wrapping such a coat outside would make people feel very elegant, because it was a long robe, so to make people look smart and fresh, people in the Han Dynasty would wear clothes with a belt around the waist, so that the whole waist would be highlighted, and it would also look extra dashing, giving people a different impact visually.

Another point is that Hanfu has strict requirements in the selection of clothing materials, the more noble the status of people, the more satin is used as the main material, the light and smooth fabric makes people feel that the person has extraordinary temperament at first glance, Hanfu dress gives people such a variety of sensory experience, which is also one of the charms contained in Hanfu. In addition to the style and material reasons, hanfu is also very convenient, convenient in that the Hanbok worn by ordinary people is mostly cotton and linen, and does not affect the work after the belt is tied around the waist, while those rich and noble people still look competent after wearing Hanbok with a belt around the waist. Continuing the essence of traditional Hanfu culture, the upper body shows a lot of style. Tight skirt embroidery shows exquisite workmanship, color matching very gentle, oversized skirt, walking skirt flowing style, gently turn the long skirt scattered. Wide cuffs and the common people's cuffs have different differences, that is, the common people's cuffs look a little small, but the children in the families with wide long sleeves generally do not need to be what to do, so the wide cuffs and is a symbol of status, such as so this avoids some unnecessary trouble, walking in the Han Dynasty society, there will be almost nothing " People could judge each other's status well from the clothes, thus avoiding the above incidents, which was also beneficial to the long-term development of the country. Modified Hanbok embroidery suit design, lacing articulated lapel, fresh and elegant, rich layers do not show monotonous, the top as well as the chest using the unique printing process, the overall is very beautiful. Traditional Hanbok press pleating process, this Shengtang Liufang floral jacket, simple but not lose the exquisite details of beauty, embroidery decorated which brings romantic wearing effect, the top collar lapel with collision color fabric embellishment, easy to highlight the charming collarbone. The top is embellished with a colorful fabric at the collar and lapel, easily highlighting the charming collarbone. The Tang Dynasty jacket and skirt are made of high-quality gauze fabric, which makes the upper body soft and comfortable. The two-piece design of the top and bottom skirt shows a gentle and soft temperament.

The flounced jacket combined with a V-neckline, classical neckline and edging with embroidery is very fine, the sleeves are spliced with tulle material, the layers are rich and flowing beautiful, flower fringe hairpin embellished in the hair, both fantastic and dynamic. The two-piece floral jacket is divided into a top and a bottom skirt, both of which are based on such a jacket for everyday wear, easily interpreting the little fairy, while the color, literary and retro without losing the traditional flavor.