Where To Buy Hanfu Dress Online

Hanfu is the traditional costume of China. This traditional costume has had a significant influence on China and even the surrounding Asian countries, and this influence continues to this day. Many hanfu lovers love hanfu and they are eager to buy a high quality but cheap hanfu. However, they do not know where to buy a really good quality and inexpensive hanfu. They may have bought hanfu online before, perhaps on eBay, Amazon, etsy or other shopping sites. However, they spend a lot of money but are not very satisfied with the hanfu they bought, not only the high price and poor quality, but also the fashionable style of the hanfu. Then they may end up feeling disappointed and want to give up their love for hanfu.

You may ask, why can't they buy a real hanfu?

First of all, real hanfu can only be produced in China and it is very difficult for hanfu lovers living abroad to buy it. Secondly, the hanfu system is complicated and strict, and it is impossible for people without enough knowledge to know how to match their hanfu. Finally, unprofessional sellers and unprofessional websites make the market confusing. They are unbranded and often sell clothes that have nothing to do with Hanfu at high prices, leaving Hanfu lovers frustrated with Hanfu.

Where to go to buy quality hanfu at low prices became a big problem. Just when I wanted to give up, I finally came across a very professional hanfu website, China hanfu.

Best Online hanfu Store to Buy hanfu - 2021 Chinese Hanfu

Chinese hanfu, a professional, safe and reliable hanfu store from China, is determined to bring high quality and low priced Chinese clothing to people all over the world. With over 10 years of experience in Chinese Hanfu, they have designed a wide range of Chinese Hanfu, including Hanfu for men, Hanfu for women and modern Hanfu, as well as a variety of Hanfu wedding dresses, shoes and Hanfu hair accessories. The best part is that their designs and patterns are super beautiful and you are sure to find a hanfu you like.

1. Hanfu for women
hanfu for women has been a symbol of beauty and splendor since ancient times. There are several typical women's hanfus, such as Ruchun, Aochun, Beiko and Songju.

From ancient times to modern times, Ruchun is the most popular Hanfu for women. Especially, Chishon Ruchun attracts a lot of attention and it is the best choice for girls to travel and play in summer.
Chishon Ruchun is one kind of Easy Ruchun, and it has a cross neck top. If you want to dress more elegantly, you can wear a large-sleeved robe over it.
Aoqun is also a type of Ruqun. It is a new style that evolved in the Ming Dynasty. Aoqun has narrow sleeves and a horse-faced skirt.
Beizi appeared in the Sui Dynasty and was mainly worn over other clothes. It was popular in both Song and Ming dynasties.
2. Men's hanfu
The relatively simple style of men's Hanfu is related to the calm character and social status of men. In ancient China, men were the backbone of the family and needed to provide for the family. Therefore, men's hanfu fabrics often used a lot of cotton and linen. Of course, there were also some gorgeous ones for men. This type of clothing was worn by people of higher social status, such as the nobility.
3. Children's hanfu
There is no difference between the hanfu for adults and the clothes for children. Shang Yi Guan is the most popular form of children's hanfu. Babies and young children often wore tiger hats, which were believed to have the power to protect children from evil and spirits and to give them strength.
4. hanfu Accessories and Jewelry
In addition to choosing an appropriate hanfu set, the choice of hanfu accessories is also important! There are many different kinds of Hanfu accessories, from traditional Hanfu to modern ones. There is a wide variety of traditional Chinese hanfu accessories, including hairpins, wigs, jewelry, embroidered headscarves, shoes, bracelets, and more. There are strict rules for wearing Hanfu accessories and jewelry, and many Hanfu enthusiasts often make mistakes on this point. Experienced Hanfu enthusiasts say they know how to wear Hanfu and they are just getting into it. To really understand the Hanfu culture, Hanfu makeup, hair and accessories are indispensable. Therefore, you can follow Chinese Hanfu. They will share a series of knowledge and tutorials on Hanfu. I believe that by browsing this website, you too can become an expert in Hanfu and dress yourself up beautifully.

China Hanfu is not only a hanfu store where you can find high quality and low price hanfu deals in today, but also a hanfu encyclopedia that shares the knowledge, history and development of hanfu. They have found a professional hanfu forum to guide newcomers on how to wear hanfu and dress up - skills. China Hanfu hopes that every Hanfu lover will find a place where they can communicate and share Hanfu with each other.